Software (Maritime)

On this page are available software packages for setup and management of marine products. Those in red are reserved exclusively for service centers and are not available to end users.

W100 / W200

W100 HEX15 Programmer Epirb W100 / W200 code programmer. This software requires the W901 USB IR key device. Ver. O.S. WIndows => 7


W440 Programmer MMSI code programming software for W440 AIS SART Sniffer. It is necessary to have a RS232 communication port or a USB<-> RS232 cable. The operating instructions are included into the application.. Ver. O.S. WIndows => 7


W830 Data Manager Data Manager software for the W830 receiver. Used to decode signals from W800 and W880 radio buoys. Ver. O.S. WIndows => 7


W880 Programmer W880 programmer options functions. This software requires the W901 USB IR key device. Ver. O.S. WIndows => 7
W880 Firmware loader W880 programmer firmware. This software require a dedicate programmer tool. Ver. O.S. WIndows => 7

In order to meet its customers’ needs and satisfy their expectations, Wamblee has decided to expand its service offering: a series of free technical training courses focused on Wamblee product range.
The courses, which will be held online, will enable the participants to gain wider knowledge of Wamblee products in terms of functioning, periodic maintenance service and troubleshooting.
See this page and click on link to subscribe.
Per venire incontro alla nostra clientela, Wamblee ha deciso di pianificare una serie di corsi tecnici/commerciali per i prodotti attualmente disponibili.
I corsi, tenuti on line, permettono di acquisire una maggiore conoscenza dei prodotti, delle loro funzionalità, delle manutenzioni perdiodiche e guida alla soluzione dei problemi.
Collegarsi a questa pagina e cliccare sul link del corso al quale si è interessati.